Top Seller: Fair Trade Guatemalan Coffee!

Rebecca Boardman

“De la Gente develops sustainable, community-led strategies to promote economic development, direct trade and improve the livelihoods of small-holder coffee farmers, their families and communities.

We focus on both sides of the cup: ensuring quality coffee for the consumers and quality of life for the farmers. Life is not always easy for disadvantaged coffee farming communities here in Guatemala. Isolation – geographically, economically and socially – has led to frequent disempowerment of the farmers in the coffee chain, high levels of vulnerability and extreme poverty amongst farming communities.

To help improve the quality of life for the farmers, we build long-lasting and trusting relationships with our partner communities, and we provide multifaceted support to help them, based on individual community needs. Whether in the form of needs analyses, technical training and advice, professional development opportunities, financing for capital upgrades, or grants of machinery, facility repairs, or supplies, we are there to help cooperatives grow and thrive.”

~From the De La Gente website


Medium roast is, in our opinion, the best expression of coffee from Guatemala and the Antigua region. The flavors that have made Antigua coffee famous shine through without muting any of the work the farmers put into it.

Flavor notes; chocolate, nutty, citrus acidity

Medium Roast Size/Grind

Full City

Full City is roasted slightly longer than our medium roast, caramelizing the sugars a little more and accentuation some darker tones in the coffee.

Flavor notes: cedar, blackstrap molasses, dark chocolate, dark fruit, muted citrus-rind acidity

Full City Roast Size/Grind


Our espresso is roasted a little longer to allow for some sugar caramelization and boosted body, but not roasted any darker than the medium roast.

Flavor notes: syrupy body, bright citrus acidity, chocolate-nutty tones

Espresso Roast Size/Grind


This roast brings out the deep tones of the coffee, muting the acidity somewhat but not adding any negative carbon-like tones.

Flavor notes: Tobacco, roasted black cherries, herbaceous, muted but pleasant acidity.

Dark Roast Size/Grind