Baskets: Small Wild Grass and Pine Tortilla Basket with Lid (round or oval!) $12

Rebecca Boardman

Our small Wild Grass and Pine Needle Tortilla Basket with Lid is perfect for tortillas, other food items or treasures you want to keep covered. The soft green of the native grass will mellow with time into a beautiful golden color. A beautiful and practical gift!  Handmade and fair trade.

  • Native grass and pine needle
  • 8″W x 2 1/2″H

This special basket is woven by the women in our El Adelanto cooperative. The talented artists go out together often to distant places to gather the longest pine needles they can find. If the designs call for it, they dye some of the pine needles and/or the raffia they use to put the basket together.  It takes several days to complete a basket.

Mayan Hands weavers learned pine needle basketry a few years ago in a workshop taught by Michele Hament, a basket artist from San Francisco. Soon after they learned, the women started creating their own designs and are now masters of the trade, offering a great variety of styles. Our incredibly popular baskets will bring the look and fragrance of pine trees into your home.