Improving our campus ministry HOUSE
so it can be a HOME for generations of students to come

We did it! Summer 2016 marked a huge milestone for the sustainability of Lutheran Campus Ministry. With the support of our generous donors, we funded a $100,000+ house remodel that spanned from the foundation to the attic. The project not only ensures the longevity and safety of the building, but also provides a more functional space for our ministry needs.

We are beyond excited and have already enjoyed the new features of the LCM house during the fall semester. Thank you to our generous donors, both individuals and congregations, and the sweat equity of many of our students, who moved the entire contents of the LCM house out at the beginning of the summer and moved it back in at the end.


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Why did the LCM house need to be renovated?

Our 100-year-old building still had its original windows, electrical, and plumbing, all of which needed to be updated in order to maintain functionality. The foundation had also experienced pronounced settling and shifting, which needed to be addressed.
Additionally, our interior renovations were necessary in order to realize our potential as a ministry. We knocked down walls on both the first and second floors in order to open up our space to accommodate more students for weekly dinners, worship services, and fellowship events.

What specific projects did the renovation complete?

  • Foundation repairs (16 steel piers installed)
  • Central air conditioning installed
  • Removal of wall on first floor to create an open-concept kitchen/dining/living area
  • This will accommodate up to 40 students comfortably for our Sunday night dinners
  • Removal of wall from second floor to create large “Upper Room” worship area, which will also serve as a multipurpose gathering space
  • Electrical system replacement and light fixtures installed
  • Half bath added on the first floor to improve our accessibility
  • Insulated windows to replace the crumbling and leaky original ones
  • Wood floors throughout the house were repaired and refinished

Project Funding

The overall cost of this three-month project was $105,000.
Fortunately, we  received 50% coverage of the cost from a grant through the NLCM, inc of the ELCA churchwide office. The Foundation at Bethel Lutheran Church (the congregation that owns our property) covered a further 25% of the expenses.
The remaining 25% of this in-progress project came from our generous supporters who believe in the mission of Lutheran Campus Ministry and hope to see it thrive for years to come! We could not have done this without the support of both individuals and partner congregations. Thank you!