Tutoring at Sumner – Summer 2017 Newsletter

“I am so grateful to be a part of the tutoring program at Sumner.  For me, it’s been an eye-opening look into the lives and dreams of the young people there and I hope to be a positive presence in their educational and life goals.”

~Grant Shillington, Wash U Senior

Each Tuesday and Wednesday, 15 of our SLU & Wash U students travel to The Ville neighborhood to Sumner High School tutoring the freshman class in mathematics and reading comprehension. The time spent with the freshman students is not only focused on helping them grow intellectually, but creating bonds as well as breaking down racial and socioeconomic divides. Our college volunteers are dedicated to showing the freshmen of Sumner that they are important and more than capable of achieving their goals! 

For ‘16-’17 we had a grant that covered the costs of this vital program—-will you please contribute this summer to help us continue tutoring for 2017-2018?