Welcome to campus and young adult ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Missouri Methodist Conference. We are glad you have found us.  We welcome all young folx to journey with us in person and online.

Welcome Students!

The spring semester is in full swing.  We welcome back all students, faculty, and staff to our area colleges, universities and tech schools. Blessings to you all as you look towards mid-terms, breaks, and the end of the semester.

You are welcome at the campus house during the week to study, relax, do laundry, even take a nap.

We meet as a community at our campus house on Sunday nights for dinner at 6:30 pm and worship at 7:30 pm.  Pastor Tina calls this ‘Dinner and Jesus.’

We also meet at the campus house on Wednesday nights at 7:19 pm to support one another in bible study, sharing, or even a dance party. 


Trivia Night 2024 was a success!