Spring 2022 Updates

To help mitigate the spread of omicron among us, we are going to adjust how our time together at the campus house and at Grace UMC.

First – please fill out the contact tracing form every time you come to the house or to Grace UMC.

Second – we will not have supper together on Sunday nights through February. Dinner will be available as take out meals. More on that as we get closer.

Third – (I know – it’s frustrating) – worship on January 16, 23, & 30 will be via Zoom so that we can all participate. We may also continue Zoom into February depending on COVID rates.

Fourth – You are still welcome to the house during the week to study, nap, do laundry…chill. Please contact Pastor Tina when you do (again, for mitigation sake).

Thanks for your help in following these updated protocols.  Together we can do our part to love one another.

LuMin & United Methodist Campus Ministry Working Together

On August 15, representatives from LuMin St. Louis and United Methodist Campus Ministry (sponsored by Grace United Methodist Church) signed a partnership covenant for the 2021-2022 school year.  Pictured from left to right are the Rev. Tina Reyes, LuMin Campus Pastor; Mary Edwards, Grace UMC Trustee; Elizabeth Neuf, LuMin Board Chair; and The Rev. Dr. Katie Nix, Grace UMC Lead Pastor.  Read more about this in this press release.