Welcome to campus and young adult ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and Grace UMC. We are glad you have found us.  We welcome all young folx to journey with us in person and online.

This Week September 11:

Sunday Dinner is shared with Rockwell House at Rockwell House (next door) at 6:30 pm

PT will be tabling in the Busch Student Center at St. Louis University on Tuesday, September 13 from 11am to 2 pm

PT will be at Wash U on Sept 14 from 11 am – 2 pm.  Look for her outside the DUC (weather permitting)

Wednesdays at Grace UMC continue.  Soup & Salad @ 6 pm.  Messy Faith @ 6:30 pm.  We’re still talking about being a progressive Christian at university.

Fall Retreat Signup deadline is September 18. Talk to PT ASAP.