prayer time

Dinner: 7 p.m. (free) 

Join us for  free home-cooked meal  every Sunday at the LuMin House.  Our “open table” is filled with laughter, great conversation, friends and visitors from campuses all over St Louis.

*Fall 2020: dinner will be available but will be packaged to go so as to minimize risk of spreading infection.  We’ll be following the published guidelines for safety.

We worship every Sunday at 8 p.m. at the LuMin House . Candlelight is a casual, inclusive gathering centered around music, readings, Meal, and prayer.  People of ALL faith backgrounds are welcome!  It’s “traditional” enough it feels familiar to cradle Lutherans but “open & creative” enough new friends enjoy our services, too.  Even if you’re just around for the semester—you are very welcome in our community 🙂


Sunday Nights begin August 23.  The Campus House will be open at 3pm for students to gather, study, or sabbath.  We’ll eat & worship outdoors as weather permits.