On Thursday, May 6, LuMin St. Louis will participate in GiveStLDay. This is a 24-hour day of community giving sponsored by St. Louis Community Foundation. Throughout the day, you are welcome to donate online to the continuing mission of LuMin St. Louis. Visit our profile at and save the page (that’s where you’ll contribute to our fund).

In fact, you can begin to give on April 5!  Our Early Giving goal is $500!

Quite honestly, we need your financial support to keep the work of campus ministry in St. Louis moving forward. Campus Ministry is an important part of a student’s well bring, and COVID has ilLuMinated that well. We continued to meet – virtually & person as weather and COVID rates permit.  We pack grab and go meals for our students on Sundays – so they still get a homecooked meal. The Campus House is a refuge from dorm rooms, study cubbies, & everyday campus life.  We welcomed new students and returning students alike. Ministry has not stopped.

We’ve set a big goal – $6000 and pray that we not only get there – but surpass it.