LuMin St. Louis welcomes all college students and young professionals to participate in meals, worship, and bible studies that LuMin offers.

Weekly, we gather on Sundays and Wednesdays for community and faith. 

Sundays are for Dinner & Jesus at the Campus House starting at 5:30 pm for dinner and worship at 7pm.  We offer a meat and vegetarian entree option.

Wednesdays are for Messy Faith at Grace UMC.  We gather at 6 pm to share our week, wrestle with scripture and living as Jesus followers, and pray for each other.  A simple vegan soup and bread are offered as a take home meal.

You may also find Pastor Tina on campus (or virtually on campus) during the week.  Typically, PT is at SLU on Tuesdays and WashU on Wednesdays.

We also gather for retreats and social justice events as we are able.  Check our calendar to learn more about how to be involved with LuMin.

The Campus House, 7019 Forsyth Blvd, is open as a safe haven for students and young professionals during the week.  It’s a great study spot, a place for laundry, kitchen for baking/cooking, even a comfy space for a nap. 

Contact Pastor Tina at for more information.